Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Gear List

Having come back from the mountain, one of the things I hope people take away from our trip is that with a little training and the proper experience, climbing Aconcagua is within their reach too.

In an effort to help future teams plan a successful climb, I will post some useful information on how we did it. I'll start with a gear list spreadsheet I used to catalog each and every item I took with me to the mountain. If it wasn't on this list, I didn't have it. Luke had a few items I didn't (such as a solar charger, snow pickets, the radio, diamox, etc.), but for the most part his list of gear is very similar.

Check out my Gear List spreadsheet on Google docs by clicking here.

I'm working through some technical issues with the movie I'm creating but I hope to have something to share soon. Stay tuned!

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