Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Morning (Day 3)

We got into Mendoza yesterday without a problem. We did quite a bit of walking around the town to find a place that sold white gas and was still open. After the gas shopping, we got a nice steak dinner with a bottle of Mendoza Malbec. Both the steak and the wine were excellent! On the way back to the hostel from dinner we passed by a Tango dancing event on one of the public squares, and I gave Adrian a few spins on the dance floor.

This morning, we will go to the permit office which opens at 9, and then will catch a 10:15 bus if everything goes according to plan.

Everything is great so far and we both feel really good! We ran into a lot of climbers on the flight down from two different well-known guide companies (Mountain Madness and Alpine Ascents(?)). We made friends with one of their climbers name Leslie at the airport, and found out that they will be doing the Normal Polish route, which is on the same side of the mountain, at the same time. Their route actually is the same until the glacier (summit day), when they ascend the left side of the Polish glacier instead of the right side that we will be on (its easy to see where the routes would be on the posted picture of Aconcagua).



  1. I hope you remembered to bring your dancing shoes!

  2. In the off chance that you meet Brent LaDoux from Alpine Ascents (a Seattle based company) tell him I say hello!