Saturday, November 20, 2010

You've Got Mail!

Steven Rocha and I made the most of some good weather and hoofed it up Mailbox Peak on Saturday. I did it in my Aconcagua climbing boots and with my entire pack filled with water bottles. Check out my best video under 30 seconds, shot from the top:

After all of the strenuous hiking, Steven and I were feeling a bit hungry so I got on the horn and phoned in a pizza order. 30 minutes or less or its free, right? Deal. Here's a shot of me on the phone, setting my watch.

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  1. Hi, I am a friend of Luke's, my name is Steve.

    Absolutely intriguing, you gentlemen are taking an incredible journey and adventure. I will Link your site to my hubpages profile. Would love to write an article and follow your adventure. I have gone through your whole site and love it, it has a great carefree but hard working and striving feel to it. Perfect! I loved the pole excecises you do, lol. Also, approve of the conflict resolution: suggestion one night mac and cheese, the next night cheese and mac. Also loved the free for all run across the buildings.....that stuff was crazy.

    Suggestion: Get a good photo of each of you on the About section. Readers want to see you. Also, do a few photos on the equipment you are using. Lots of dummies like me will be reading and watching, we know nothing about it, but it makes a great vicarious experience. Best of luck and congratulations on your incredible efforts and awesome plans.