Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Training can be dangerous too..

I had a run in with a minivan today, while doing laps on my bike along the waterfront. I was coming up to a three way intersection that has a little island where the "stem" of the T meets the "roof". Using the T to describe this: I was traveling left along the roof and crossed over to the island legally. Then from the island, since there was no traffic, I joined the "stem" of the T, and had a green for a protected left. I knew that I was the only person who could legally enter the intersection. Guy in minivan apparently doesn't care. He t-bones me.

I was FURIOUS and immediately yelled at him that he had a red, and he said he knew, but wanted to go because he didn't think there was anyone there to take the protected left. I do have to admit that it would have been hard to have seen me because of the bad traffic, but, if he had just followed the traffic signal this wouldn't be an issue. Anyways, he turned out to be a nice guy and I got all his info. So far I've just had a sore back from the sudden jerk of being t-boned, I think. And my bike's wheels are bent up.

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