Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Training: More than punching rocks

This is one of my planned training routines. Start at the base of the stairs from Aurora that climb up to Galer street. Push myself up to the top (90 meter altitude gain and about .3 of a mile) to the intersection with Nob Hill going North, and then a controlled descent to work the muscles that will keep me safe on the mountain descent. The loop is just to get a change in scenery. Each loop is a total of 90 meters up and down, and also .8 of a mile. I figure to start with 5 reps (1,500 feet of ascent and 4 miles) for a few days and see how it goes, and work up from there. The point is to go as fast as possible on the ascent, turning my major leg muscles to jelly.. not about pacing myself and doing more reps. :D

This will commence once I am over this terrible cold. Hopefully tomorrow if I wake up feeling better!

Also, my research shows that a few days of this might be necessary after the climb:

Ritoque Raices

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